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ATSSB All-State Jazz Audition Music Product Description and Pricing

NEW►►   There is a change in Set B since it was last used in 2012. 

Click here for information about the changes.

2017-18 Pricing

Shipping and handling of $5 will be added to each order,
10% of all sales is returned to ATSSB as a scholarship donation.
State sales tax must be added to all credit card orders.

   Basic order "Set B"  - $72 
   NEW►►   Print Music CD with score and all parts (PDF format) 
Audio/Audition CD with audition and demonstration tracks
 is included  

  Finale/MIDI/MusicXML CD - $35 
        NEW►► Create practice loops in many sequencing programs.
Requires Finale 14 or newer to use Finale files.  Also now included are MusicXML files. These will open in previous versions of Finale and many other notation and/or sequencing programs and can also be used to create Smart Music® files or similar practice aids for students.

   Additional Audio/Audition CDs - $14 each

2017-2018  Set "B" Samples -    (Click to Listen)

              Sambamorphosis         Last Set (Ballad)       Riff Raffy           Riff "Rovisation

Product Description

The music is written as three complete programmable jazz ensemble compositions, each in a different jazz style. Because they are not individual etudes
for the various instruments, you can rehearse the different instruments at the same time.  There is also an improv piece, which is playable with a full or limited instrumentation. 

Score and Parts: The Score and parts are in PDF format on the "Print Music" CD

Parts included are 3 Saxes (ATB), 2 Trumpets,2 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums. 
*  All audition parts are marked "For Audition"

Some parts are marked "Not for Audition."  These are included to provide you with a full instrumentation for performance purposes, but  should not be 
   used by the student for All State Jazz Band auditions.

 All parts include detailed articulations, phrasing, and dynamics.

*  Rhythm parts include written out notation with suggested piano voicing and guitar fret board fingerings.

*  The drum part is as you would normally find, but a "note for note" version is also included so your students can see exactly how to play set-ups, kicks,
    and fills in the various styles.

Audio/Audition CD

*  This CD contains a full performance of each chart exactly as written. 

*  The CD also contains the auditions cuts.  These are the exact tracks with which your students will audition.

Finale/MIDI/MusicXLM Files: Requires Finale 14 or newer for Finale Files

This CD contains the original Finale files used to create the printed music.  Also included are the four pieces in standard MIDI format and MusicXML format.

*  Use this disc to create custom practice loops for your students (i.e. create Smart Music® files, or use software of your choice to create individual and/or
   "music minus one" type files for practice).

Additional Audio/Audition CDs: You are free to copy any of the included materials for your school's use, but if you don't want to hassle with copying CDs, just order as many as you need.