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There are changes to Set B since it was last used.  Click here for information.

ATSSB All State Jazz Auditions Materials

$72 - Basic Set
Print Music CD with Audio/Audition CD, Set B (2017-18)
$35 - Finale/Midi Files/MusicXML files
Set B (2017-18)  Requires Finale 14 or newer
$14 - Additional CD
Set B  (2017-18)  Contains new audition cuts                                  
  Additional Original Music (Click to Listen)
$11 For Clarinets Only (Student Book)
$22 - For Clarinets Only  (Teacher Book)
$80 - Return with Honor (Concert March, Gr. 3.5-4)
Includes printed condensed score and CD with PDF files of full score and parts

$30 - Star Spangled Banner(Trumpet Choir)  
$40 - Gotcha! Cha-Cha (Beginning Concert Band)
$65 - To a Musician (Concert Band, Gr. 3)
$50 - Blackland Prairie (Concert March, Gr. 3)